Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Product In Stores

Get this in any of the stores to the right!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, Here is a new blog layout! And you can get it, right now, for free! That's right, a full blog layout, including 2 headers, 2 buttons and one background! This uses elements from my Kit 2 Emo 4 U, which hasn't even hit stores yet! Hope you like it.



Monday, February 16, 2009

Celebrate Tutorial


Tube Of Your Choice, I am using Ed Mironuk. He is currently licensed through CILM. Please check out their website here for more information.

Mask that has been supplied Here

Birthday Celebration Tagger Kit found Here

This is a PTU kit and cannot be supplied.

Xero Filter

Font of your Choice. I picked Bubblegum Superstar which is a free font found here


1. Open a new Image 600 x 600.

2. Flood fill with white.

3. Choose a paper of your liking from the kit. Paste as a new layer.

4. Go To layers>Load/save mask and find your mask that has been supplied.

5. Apply your mask with the following settings.

6. Right click on your material pallet, merge>merge group

7. Go to effects>3d Effects>Drop Shadow with these settings. Horizontal & vertical 1 Opacity 85 and blur 10.00. Color change to a darker shade of your papers color.

8. Open the "Celebrate" word art and copy and paste it as a new layer. Posistion it to your liking. I placed mine top, center.

9 Copy and paste your tube, applying a drop shadow of your choice.

10. Click on your paper/mask layer and duplicate three times. Rename these three layers 1,2 and 3. Make layer one active.

11. Go to Effect and find Xero Fritillary filter. Use the following settings.

12. X out layer 1 and activate layer 2. Using your Xero Fritillary filter again, change the varation setting to 30.

13. X out layer 2 and activate layer 3. Using your Xero Fritillary Filter for a third time, change the varation setiing to 25.

14. Using elements from the kit, add embellishments to your tag, using as many or a few as you like.

15. Add your copyright info and your info.

16. For your name pick a font that you like and write to out, using colors of your choice.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Blog Layout

Check It Out, I have designed my first blog layout! And it's up for sale in the stores! I liked it so much that it's actually my current layout here at Jaded Delusions.

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Sweet As Honey Full Size

I decided that I would make an exclusive kit for each of the stores I am in. So the first one goes to my first store, using the inspiration from my first tagger kit. It can only be found by clicking the preview!

New Award

I've received another new award! I am so thrilled! This award is from Lou over at Simply Devilish Scrapz! Thanks Doll!
Here are my nominations!
Danielle at DMK Designs

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Crush Kit By AZLolita

Here is a new beauty that one of the members of my creative team made with my new Kit, My Crush!